The Healing Centre Is Now On Skype – Every Saturday

Where does it happen?

Sessions take place online over Skype

How does it happen?

You will receive an invite to join a Skype session. When you arrive you will be greeted by two members of our team. They will chat briefly with you to help put you at your ease before praying for you. Each Skype session lasts for 10 minutes.

When does it happen?

Skype sessions take place on *Saturdays from 10am – 12pm

*During this time a member of our team will contact you via Skype so please make sure you are logged into Skype for the duration and that you have your Skype set so that anyone can contact you. If the team are unsuccessful when trying to contact you the first time they will try once again after 5 minutes. Please note that it is not possible to offer individual time slots.

What do I need?

You will need Skype!

To receive the invite to your Skype session you will need to put your Skype name into the box marked ‘Skype Name’ on this form.

To find your Skype name
– open Skype and click on your name/profile picture.
– you will see ‘Skype profile‘ listed
– click on ‘Skype profile’
– you will then see your ‘Skype Name‘ which is a long series of letters and numbers starting live:.cid

Type or copy and paste your SKYPE NAME into the box marked ‘Skype Name‘ below.

  • * Our primary focus at the Healing Centre is on physical healing - for other prayer needs please contact
  • Acknowledgement

    1. I have read the information provided on this form
    2. Eastgate Healing Centre is not a medical centre and does not and will not give medical advice
    3. I will not stop or change any prescribed medication or other form of treatment that I am currently receiving without consulting my doctor or relevant practitioner
    4. I will not remove any brace or medical device that I have been advised to wear continuously without seeking medical advice
    5. I am aged 18 or over or I am accompanied by a responsible adult
    6. Eastgate or any of its workers (voluntary or otherwise) are not legally liable for my health which remains my responsibility