The Healing Centre

Where does it happen?

At Eastgate and online over the Summer, 28th May, 2nd July and 6th August.

From September we will be open on the first and third Saturday of every month.

How does it happen?

Whether at Eastgate or online you will be greeted by members of our welcome team who will chat with you and put you at your ease before moving you to our prayer partners. If you are joining us online you will receive a link to the Zoom.

When does it happen?

Healing Centre is open from 10am – 12pm.

If you are joining us online please check your inbox Saturday morning for the link to the Zoom and a suggested time to login.


What do I need?

You will need to fill out the online form that you will find below and if you are joining us online you will need access to Zoom.

  • * Our primary focus at the Healing Centre is on physical healing - for other prayer needs please contact
  • Acknowledgement

    1. I have read the information provided on this form
    2. Eastgate Healing Centre is not a medical centre and does not and will not give medical advice
    3. I will not stop or change any prescribed medication or other form of treatment that I am currently receiving without consulting my doctor or relevant practitioner
    4. I will not remove any brace or medical device that I have been advised to wear continuously without seeking medical advice
    5. I am aged 18 or over or I am accompanied by a responsible adult
    6. Eastgate or any of its workers (voluntary or otherwise) are not legally liable for my health which remains my responsibility