I can lift my arm!

Pain in shoulder reduced

Noticeable Reduction In Pain

Pain in foot gone

Increased Movement in Shoulder

Pain Free

Muscle Pain Gone

Pain and Numbness Gone

Improved Movement in Shoulder

Much more improvement

Shoulder Pain Gone

An Enormous sense of God’s Presence and Peace

Mental Processing Quicker

Love and Professionalism

Breathing returned to normal

Back Healed

More movement in finger

Pain lower back and leg gone

Tinnitus reduced and voice healed


Jaw Pain Free

Recovery from Covid

Night sweats gone and appetite returned.

No night time seizure for the first time in a year.

Knee free from pain

Painful right knee and right hip – pain reduced

Breathing Eased

Leg Strengthened

Freedom from Food Allergies

Leg and back pain gone

Vitamin D!

Knee Improving

Shoulder improving

Rotary cuff being healed

Varicose Vein Healed

Infection gone, oncologist delighted!

Tension headache – a story from Healing Centre Online

Stiffness gone – a story from Healing Centre Online

Joy and holy laughter through cancer – a story from Healing Centre Online

Pain Gone and Movement Increased

Recovery from Anxiety and Depression

Perfect Love Drives Out Fear

Feeling Stronger


“I feel so light”

A new touch from God

Significant Improvement to Knee

Relief from tinnitus and vertigo

Tinnitus healed


Peace, Freedom, Joy and Clarity


Praise is my focus – assurance of healing from cancer

Plantar Fasciitis

Cancer – increased hope for healing

Freedom from whiplash pain

Pain in elbow and ankle gone

Shoulder healed and breathing eased

Sight improved

Knee and foot healed

Pain gone!

Feeling in legs again

Ankle healed

Knees and shoulders healed, August 2019

Back pain and tension being healed, September 2019

Red blood cell antibodies gone – August, September 2019

Abnormal cells gone, August, September 2019

Sight being restored, September 2019

Knees free from pain

Bloating Gone, July 2019

Hearing Restored, 22nd June 2019

New Life, June 2019

Chest pain gone, May 2019

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Healed

Chronic Back Pain Eased, April 2019

Chest Infection Healed

Knee Pain Gone, February 2019


Flu and Tonsilitis Healed, January 2019

Joint pain healed, November 2018

Neck and shoulders healed, November 2018

Healed bones, October 2018

Sore tummy better, June 2018

Back and shoulder pain gone, June 2018

Achilles tendonitis healed, February 2018

Healed neck, February 2018

Healed hip, February 2018

Hearing restored, January 2018

Arm and shoulder pain gone, January 2018

Back pain reduced, January 2018

Right Knee Healed, December 2017

Torn tendon in hand and varicose veins August 2016

Heel healed! August 2016

Shoulder healed August 2016

Wrist healed, August 2016

Arthritis Healing

Peritoneal Cancer

Knee and Foot Healed

Heaven on earth...

Shoulder healed and breathing eased

Heaven on earth...

Feeling in legs again

Heaven on earth...

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