Jo Potter


July 4, 2015

What did you receive prayer/healing for?

Degenerative Osteoarthritis

What happened as a result of prayer?

The back pain would prevent me from standing for a length of time, I can now stand for a period of up to 10 minutes and longer, previously I was not able to stand for the length of one worship song, now I am able to stand for a whole worship set. Also I struggled to bend and each day I am finding greater mobility in my back and can now bend to the floor. Recently the Arthritis had spread to my knee joints and I increasingly I had been unable to walk without a limp, and began to use the aid of a stick. I now walk without a limp and the pain in my knees is considerably lessened. I’m throwing the walking stick away !!! There was such love expressed in the session and the more I tell people about my healing the more healing I experience. I would like to thank the prayer team for praying for me; Bless you all for this ministry.