March 27, 2021

What did you receive prayer/healing for?

Weakness in right knee and thigh

What happened as a result of prayer?

One of my legs had become weaker than the other, due to my habit of slightly favouring it since a knee injury 35 years ago. For example, I could pull myself up from a lunge in the normal way if my good leg was in front but I could not pull myself up from the lunge if the bad leg was in front; instead I would have to use the (good) back leg to make little jumps in order to push myself up. I had even tried that on the morning of 27 March. However at the Healing Centre that morning someone said they thought that a person present that morning had “muscle weakness in knee/leg”, so I asked for prayer. Immediately I became able to do a normal lunge regardless of which leg was in front. Not only that but previously I knew that the girth of the weaker thigh was smaller than that of the good leg, whereas now they are both the same thickness, as far as I can tell. The knee damage itself hasn’t changed but I’m really glad that I can now exercise both legs normally.