January 30, 2021

What did you receive prayer/healing for?

Constant pain in my groin area.

What happened as a result of prayer?

I was taking strong pain killers every day so that I could work and sleep. I couldn't do normal activities with my children like picking them up or going to the park. I frequently needed to rest or lie down. I had the actual condition for 20 years but I was in pain from it for 2 weeks before the prayer session. As I was prayed for I could feel God's presence, his love and peace. I cried as released all the inner emotions I was feeling at the time. I could feel that there was some change in my body but it wasn't clear exactly what had happened. After the prayer session I listened to worship music and prayed. I could feel God's presence still with me. After 20 minutes I lay down and I started to feel changes happening in my body. The muscles of my groin felt like they being pulled in and I could feel other small adjustments happening in that area. It felt like I was having an operation. After 5-10 minutes this stopped. Since then I have felt uncomfortable at times but I have not needed to take any more pain killers. It feels like I need more rest to recover fully. I'm so grateful for this healing. It is such a relief.