What did you receive prayer/healing for?

For red blood cell antibodies to go from my blood.

What happened as a result of prayer?

Whilst at David's tent I was quite deliberate about getting healed - I had red blood cell antibodies in my blood as a result of having several blood transfusions after my previous labour. I was told this meant there was a chance of my blood attacking my current unborn baby and I was being monitored for signs of the antibodies increasing. I believed God had shown me the antibodies had come in due to fear and trauma (as it was a very traumatic labour) but also that His will was for me to be healed (mainly because that is His will for everyone, but also several years ago He gave me and my husband a word about having a 'new bloodline. It took us 8 and half years to conceive our first child and the 'new bloodline' promise was one we held onto. So it felt clear to me that this attack on my blood was a direct attack on God's promise.) Through this pregnancy I have tried to stand in faith and speak a good report over myself, but it hasn't always been easy. I set David's Tent as the time to believe for my healing - I had a liebust so I could deal with the lies that had come in through my last labour. Then I went to the healing centre at DT and asked the team to stand with me for physical healing. I haven't prayed particularly for healing since then, I've just tried to thank God that it's on its way. And today (9th September) I got confirmation from the consultant that my last blood test had shown there are no more antibodies in my blood! I said we had been praying for a miracle and the consultant said that these antibodies 'tend to stay around forever' Thank you for praying with me. I've had your 'healing centre' card by my bedside table since David's Tent in faith and hope that I would be able to share this testimony!