January 20, 2021

What did you receive prayer/healing for?

Pain in rotary cuff in left shoulder

What happened as a result of prayer?

I have visited 5 times now and God has been unlocking me on the inside out of a lot of fear and pannick attacks tension. I have encountered the presence of Jesus every time. The prayer team are amazing so kind and lovely. And always gives me Gods word which is wonderful. I am also standing in proxy for nephew who has cancer in lungs and liver. He is only in his 50s . My arm and shoulders are loostning up and i have a range of movment i didnt have. Still not able to move my arm back yet but I'm believing for my complete healing. What we think needs healing God know better. I recommend healing centre to who ever I meet. I love meeting with Jesus this way. Father son and Holy Spirit are the best team in the world to work with I'd like to thank everyone in the team